From the start of The Tuna Group, we have been driven to create awesome software solutions for our customers. Over the years, we have taken a number of custom software projects and converted them into platforms. Leveraging these pre-existing platforms and code bases allows us to create custom software systems for our clients with a fraction of the cost and time these projects would normally require. Unlike off the shelf software solutions that can leave you feeling like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole, our platforms are fully customizable. We are able to rapidly modify any existing code we have, quickly getting your business up and running. Instead of your business trying to fit the software, our software fits you!

Tuna Movies Platform

Movie Theaters and Family Entertainment Centers

– Simplified.

Bringing the big screen to the tiny one. With our knowledge and development experience in the entertainment sector, we know what it takes to build successful application ecosystems for movie theaters and FECs. From ticket booking, seat selection, food ordering, event booking and more, we know how to bring all your systems together for a seamless customer experience.

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The Feast App

Web, Kiosk and Mobile App online ordering – Simplified and Integrated.

Our platform offers users an unparalleled experience in online food ordering. Easily integrate with your existing point of sale system to receive and print orders via your POS. Import your menu directly from your POS. Integrated with Postmates API to offer delivery in select cities.

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Tuna Tap Content
Management System

Our content management solution is a flexible, web based solution that can be easily customized to serve as an administration portal for everything from websites to mobile apps, virtual reality augmented reality and more!

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